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Servicing Our Community

Our Goal

One of the primary goals of Drake's Place is to empower the entire community. We offer internship opportunities for special needs students from local high schools. The internships are designed to give them real life experiences in the job market. Students receive some mentoring, learn about the business of barbering and cosmetology and received a grade upon completion of the program. Drake's Place also provides support to youth and "at-Risk" for failure in society and to adults who have experience some issues with functioning effectively as a citizen. The establishment works with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters (BBBS) nationwide program to increase mentors for youth by holding bi-monthly recruitment campaigns. To date, these efforts have produced numerous new mentors. These initiatives provide ample opportunity to further research the effectiveness of community based programs.

Big Brother Big Sister Program

Today, thousands of children in the Washington Metropolitan area are growing up in single-parent households without the positive influence of an adult male or female role model. Studies have shown that most come from low-income households, and many live in families with histories of substance abuse and/or domestic violence. The Big Brothers Big Sisters' program is making a positive impact on these children by providing individual and school-based mentoring programs. The goal is to help youth develop better attitudes toward school, achieve higher grades and improve their relationships with both adults and their peers. Single parents rely on Big Brothers Big Sisters because the absence of a father; mother or positive role model has a profound effect on their children's development. In order to become successful in its mission, the Big Brother Big Sister program needs volunteers. If you would like to make a positive impact on children, live in the Washington metropolitan area, and/or want to register your child to become a Little Brother or Little Sister, please fill out a registration form by going to the Big Brother Big Sisters Of the National Capital Area at http://www.bbbsnca.org or by contacting BBBS at (202) 783-5585. Drake's Place Salon is proud to support the BBBSNCA. The Salon periodically holds sponsorship events to recruit mentors. Stay tuned for one of our upcoming events.


Drake's place collaborates with DuVal High School in their Vocational Development Work Study Program. The Salon and Barbershop offers internships to DuVal's students with ample opportunities to learn from staff and interact with clients. The Vocational Development Work Study program at DuVal is designed to give 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to transition easily from school to work environments. Their performance at these various jobs within the community contributes to the students' growth and development. In addition, the successful completion of their internships will earn them course credits towards graduation. To date 7 students have been placed at various internship positions at Drake's Place. One of the interns, 18 year old Antoine Banks, has been working at the Salon since September 2002. Antoine who has recently graduated from DuVal, says that the best part of his experience is having the opportunity to meet and service clients and to learn from the older and more experienced barbers. He describes the salon atmosphere as vibrant and friendly. He will be attending college in the fall and hopes to stay in the business in the future.

Message from Drake...

Giving back to the community has always been a dream of ours. With our stores, not only are we employing the community, but we're also giving them the blueprint for their own success.

Drake, July 15, 2010